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Douglas Copeland and Jonathan visiting Rob Copeland, Doug's father's first cousin, in 1986.  Rob showed us the sites in Beckenham connected with the family.   

This was one of the first visits I made to research my family history.  Future trips and research information will be written up in the News area of this site.

Stovell Family Bible

An illustration page from Tom and Agnes Stovell's family Bible.  
Over many years of research I have been fortunate in obtaining copies of old family documents and photographs and have included these throughout this site.  This one shows my grandmother and her brothers and sisters listed in the front of  their parents' family bible 


Jane Tonkin Banks, nee Banks, with her four daughters.  
Jane married Joseph Banks, a distant cousin, in Plymouth in 1845.  He was a ship builder and sail maker.  The four daughters - Bessie, Annie, Emeline and Ellen were born between 1846 (Bessie) and 1856 (Ellen) which would date this photo to around 1874 or thereabouts.  Certainly a time when ringlets were in fashion.