Bennett Maxwell Banks

Bennett Maxwell Banks was my maternal grandfather, as he was to 14 grandchildren - my brothers and my cousins.  Born in Plymouth in 1882 he described his life as three phases - his early years, his business career and finally his career as a Church of England priest.  He hand-wrote his short autobiography on 53 right-hand pages of a foolscap Memoranda and Minute Book, starting to write his reminiscences in 1938 when Vicar of Barnham Broom in Norfolk, then adding notes of varying length on the left hand pages, seemingly at various times later in his life.

I transcribed this book some 30 years ago and have recently revisited it and so, rather than attempt to precis his life in my words, it can be viewed or downloaded from the links below.

Banks and Parkhouse family wedding

The wedding of William Townsend and Nellie Banks Westcott, 12th September 1906.  The wedding itself was in Holy Trinity Church, Plymouth. 
Many of the Banks, Westcott and Townsend families are present. Bennett and his brothers are all in the back row, Bennett in the centre with a young lady on his right (believed to be Gertie Townsend, sister of the Groom). See key below - detail for which probably came from Gwen Durham.
If any member of the family has a better version of this photo' or can add to the key I would be pleased to update them.   JCC

1   Alfred Parkhouse
2   Unknown
3   Unknown
4   Leslie Banks
5   Gertie Townsend - Sister of the Groom
6   Bennett Banks
7   Reginald Banks
8   Unknown
9   Bert Westcott
10  Unknown
11  Horace Banks

12  Robert Branwell   13  Nell Branwell   14  David Banks (father of Bennet etc.)   15  Hilda, nee Parkhouse  16  ? Simeon's Wife?
17  John Westcott - Father of the Bride and Husband of Bessie)  18  The Bride, Nell Townsend, nee Westcott  19  The Groom, Will Townsend                20 ? Gwen Westcott ?  21  ? Father of Groom - Harry Townsend ?  22  Blanche Shakerley, nee Westcott  23  Arthur Shakerley  24  Unknown  25  Gwen Black, nee Westcott  26  Clara Parkhouse  27  Muriel Parkhouse   28  Annie Parkhouse, nee Banks  29  Jane Tonkin Banks  30  Bessie Westcott, nee Banks  31  ? Mother of the Groom ? 32  May Westcott ?  33  Unknown  34  Ellen Banks (wife of David, No 14)  35  Jim Shakerley

The photographs and images below are of people and events described in Bennett's autobiography, or are of him at times he mentions.