Why you need to LOG IN and Privacy

Every attempt has been made to protect the names of the living within the narrative part of the site.  Very few living people will find themselves mentioned here, and then with only limited information.  However in the Genealogical pages basic information about living people is held - names, dates of birth etc.  This is the reason that the data is viewable only by registered users and is password protected, so as to be visible only to approved family members.  If any family member is concerned about this, or would rather their data was removed or hidden then I can do this, although I would find that disappointing.  Please rest assured that access will not be given to any individual unless they are known to me, and can prove a close family connection.

Data Protection

The internet - especially on sites that specialise in providing data for family history - is littered with family trees that are clearly wrong.  Ancestors are appropriated with little or no research or understanding, children are older than their parents, people have moved all over the world etc etc.  I have always done all I can to ensure that my research is not mis-used in this way so I have never used any of the sites (such as Findmypast or Ancestry) that offer this facility, and I see no reason ever to do so.

If I give you access to the family data it is on the understanding that: 

1)  You do not give your username and password to anyone else - even a close member of your family.  I will happily give them their own access.
2)  You do not take data or information and pass it to anyone else, especially if there is any possibility that it will then be posted in the public domain, so as to be misappropriated, as described above.  

For Site Contributors

I aim to credit those people who provide information, pictures etc to enhance this site and credits will be given adjacent to the item, on the page on which it appears.  If I have failed to give proper credit, please let me know so that I can do so.  

Although I always check sources, accuracy is only as good as the information gathered from government records, church records, relatives, and online sources.

If you find errors, have feedback, or can offer additional information, please forward it for inclusion in the site.

Banks family sources

For some branches of the Banks ancestry I am indebted to Miriam Smith who is a descendent of the Carvosso family who married into the Banks family in Cornwall. She lives in Australia. Her data and sources are well researched, and include work done by cousins David Banks and Gwen Durham and, I understand the Black family.